Everytime last round does not fire

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Everytime last round does not fire

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Too start this is what i have.
Dedicated upper and lower, Bear creek upper, psa lower, Catch22 V1, reduced power hammer spring, borebuddy plug. Using just M&P 15-22 mags (25rds), using the M&P shim clip on the magwell. 400 rds fired, all remington golden bullet.

Issue is evrytime the last round does not fire, the hammer does not reset so i do NOT have any trigger pull. Charge the bolt and the round fires and the LRBHO works everytime.
What i have tried, removed the borebuddy plug, tried without the mag clip, still no joy. I'm looking for ideas of what to try next. In the 400rds fired I have had 2 FTF, on a retry one fired and 1 did not. Did a though cleaning before first round fired, heavy on the oil. After 200rds cleaned and lite coat of oil. Also on the 2 refires I used a CMMG mag.
Where do i go next?

Thanks Steve
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